The English level of software developers is highly important for successful cooperation. Overall developers in all reviewed countries have a good level of English as it is basically a basic requirement for the IT industry. India is definitely the leading nation within the software development outsourcing field.

Junior developers in the Netherlands charge $18-25 per hour, middle software developers would ask for $31-42 per hour of their work and seniors charge $35-45 per hour. An impressive 60% of all Forbes 2000 IT companies have established operations in the Netherlands, making the country a real IT hotspot. With javascript developer salary 19 professional developers per 1000 inhabitants, the Netherlands has the highest density of software developers in the EU. Nevertheless if you are a junior software developer in Denmark you can charge $16-20, for middle ones it is around $35-42 and for seniors it can cost from $36 up to $45 per hour.

Java Developer Rates in the US, Europe and Australia

The average software engineer salary per month in these countries is $7,949 for Switzerland, $5,350 — Denmark, $6,012 — Norway. As you can see, Poland is the most expensive country to hire a software engineer but still less expensive then the US, Canada,the UK etc. Of course, cost of services should not be the one priority for decision making.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Actually, it’s true, as the country invests and fosters thousands of highly qualified technical individuals annually. Ukrainian IT market showing constant growth and should reach the value of US$18.4 billion by 2025. Such exponential development is due to a vast number of IT experts, the number is close to 250,000 individuals. The developers and other professionals from Ukraine related to the IT industry are considered among the top 5 strongest experts in the world. So, it makes clear sense why top IT giants are striving to work with these people. Programmers in Switzerland, Israel, Denmark, and Norway are also lucky to be among the top five best-paid specialists in the world.

Salary Is Important for Software Engineers – But So Are Company Values

There is no outstanding growth of C++ developer wages to be expected in the coming years, while in some countries (the UK, the USA), they are even expected to fall inconsiderably. However, C++ still remains the sixth popular language of programming, and its popularity is not expected to deteriorate any time soon. Java software developer salaries are on the rise with this language’s continuously growing popularity.

eastern europe software engineer salary

The country has over 180 service companies, most of them located in Prague. It’s also a rich software talent pool because most of its tech professionals are fluent English speakers. IBA Group seamlessly delivers the most advanced and progressive software solutions while applying its diverse skills and expertise. Their robust quality orientation and cross-technology expertise guarantee on-time project completion. The Software House has more than 200 developers on board with various expertise including DevOps, QAs, and designers.

Eastern Europe Software Development Market Overview

Despite this challenge, the Czech Republic remains an attractive destination for outsourcing due to its skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and competitive rates. Bulgaria has over 2300 software companies, from startups to well-established multinational corporations. Some of the most well-known companies in the Bulgarian outsourcing market include ScaleFocus, Musala Soft, and Telerik Progress. Currently, about 100,000 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts are working in the Bulgarian IT industry in general. It is predicted that by 2024, there will be more than 112,000 IT specialists in the Bulgarian market. By outsourcing your project to Romanian IT companies, you may have some communication difficulties, as many Romanian IT professionals may not be fluent in English.

Developers in Abuja make slightly less than the national average, $5,808 per year or $484 per month. In terms of languages, Golang is the best-paid language at $50,622 per year. Our team facilitated the
selling process by integrating the broadcasting feature, messaging, feed,
payments, and product landings. Among our significant achievements is over
20,000 app installs in just two weeks after launch. Conduct some research and evaluate your prospective team’s completed
projects and ratings. Read reviews from previous customers and try to find
those that aren’t on their website, as they may delete negative ones.

How Much Do Software Engineers Make an Hour in Australia?

Not surprising why the USA releases so many great software solutions highly praised worldwide. The IT industry is a massive and fast-growing field that has become one of the most demanded professions globally. This article is Qubit Labs‘ global research on rates of software engineers per hour. It will help you learn about developers’ salaries per hour worldwide with comparisons and facts that help you choose the best hiring destination. Most software developers expect good salaries, so they may be some of the highest-paid personnel on your budget. Although the Netherlands is a developed country, this range still includes the average salary for a junior software engineer.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Plus, dozens of special education courses and IT schools for people with different levels of knowledge. The number of IT specialists who graduated from Ukrainian universities is constantly growing from year to year. Every year the demand for new IT specialists in Ukraine is thousand people. In turn, higher education institutions graduate an average of 16.2 thousand bachelors in IT specialties each year. Colleges and technical schools train an average of 6.3 thousand junior specialists a year, and this number is growing every year. However, without further education, junior specialists will be insufficiently involved in the labor market of the IT industry, so they continue their studies in the university program.

Choose the Right Hiring Model

However, even within a country, there can be big differences, as developers in major cities tend to get better paid than developers living outside of urban areas. Based in Ukraine and
operating for over seven years,
our team comprises highly educated
professionals committed to their projects. Every team member has at least a B2
English level and a bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, computer
science, or a related technical field. One of the most important reasons for offshoring software development to
Ukraine is cultural proximity and an insignificant difference in time zones. You can be sure of efficient communication and a streamlined development
process by outsourcing here. You can choose from around
IT professionals with various skill sets, levels of expertise, and years of

eastern europe software engineer salary

But, if your budget is set for an average rate per hour, consider different parts of Europe. Here, the average developer hourly rate in the USA will be costlier than in the eastern part of Europe. However, there might be complications regarding the time zone difference and communication.

Software developer salaries by location

IT outsourcing is more than just finding labor; it is also about finding a
dependable technical team and bolstering your project with professional
expertise. Contact us to learn how to
hire experienced software developers and become a part of Ukraine’s
ever-growing startup culture. The cost of living in a region, tax legislation, supply and demand, and
average salary range contribute to an hourly rate. Yet, the freelance software development rates are more than attractive. An
hourly rate for a freelance software developer will vary depending on
different factors, but you can always communicate the price depending on the
tasks you need to solve.

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