Fisher Effect Definition and Relationship to Inflation

Contents The link between inflation and nominal interest rates Limitations of The Fisher Effect Estimation of historical inflation expectations What Is the Fisher Effect? This is because higher nominal interest rates show an expectation of inflation. A real-world example of this theory can be seen in the banking industry. The nominal interest rate an investor […]

What is Discount Rate? Definition, History & Formula

Contents Discount Rate Explained Video – Fed Discount Rate Tips For Investing How the Fed’s Discount Rate Works The interest rate for T-bills comes from the spread between the discounted purchase price and the face value redemption price. While T-bills have a low rate of return, they are considered 10 Best Cloud Stocks To Buy […]

10 Day Trading Tips for Beginners

Contents: Opening range breakout Is Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis More Appropriate for Day Trading? Warrior Trading – Best for Small-Cap Day Traders Sign Up For Our Free Newsletter! Producing a wide range of equipment, Caterpillar encompasses four business segments, including construction industries, resource industries, energy and transportation, and financial products. The company’s stocks show […]